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Work in progress of Sequentia Legenda
Sequentia Legenda Berlin School Blog


🎥 The official trailer


When I composed this piece, I began to imagine the scientist in his workshop, I saw him bending over his manuscripts, I heard footsteps, I could distinguish spiral stairs by the light of torches and candles. There was also sometimes music, festivities. Sometimes also silence and loneliness.

A musical painting to be discovered from September 21 of the year of grace 2019 on my banndcamp page.

FLOATING TIME - Berlin School

🎹 The first six minutes of FLOATING TIME (work in progress)

Here is an extract of the second track of the future album OVER THERE. It is a composition in the purest tradition of the Berlin School of the mid-1970s. Today's synthesizers deliver analog grain tones.

In the distant fog and breaking waves, the ringing of a bell can be heard. A craft floating on an unknown sea advances slowly, then it is a progressive flight towards the heavens. In this mystical atmosphere, it is the rumbling from the sky and the depths of the sea that mixes with floating sequences and whirling sounds...

For this title and for this future album, the choirs of the Mellotron and the strings of the Solina come to be added to the other mythical instruments such as the Modular Moog, the Minimoog or other Jupiter 8.

Ici et Maintenant

Ici et Maintenant - Berlin School

After an introduction to experimental, concrete and drones sounds,

the enigmatic atmosphere gradually fades away and gives way to a benevolent global atmosphere.


The arrival of the luminous pads, supported punctually by Gregorian-style choirs, amplifies the notion of infinity. The soundtrack is then filled with multiple layers and sequential loops.


Later, a regular and deep pulse joins the ensemble to give even more life. It is like a heart that begins to beat, heralding a rhythmic surge. The snare drum, then a roll of toms complete the climax of this composition, leaving the vaporous pads and the empathetic choirs ornamented with the atmospheric and spiritual finale.


It is peace, contemplative, here and now (Ici et Maintenant),

a return to the roots of the Berlin School.

May 2018 : RENAISSANCE by Sequentia Legenda
Valentin's Traum

The third track "Valentin's Traum" is in progress.

With a duration of 17:23, the atmosphere is hovering to provide immersion.

The Moog Modular was used for sequential lines

Klaus Sauer (Facebook Fan) :

"With a track title like "Valentin's Traum" one could have associations with a similar named track bye another well known musician. But I See you since the release of Blue Dream as the legetimate succsessor of Klaus Schulze."


Sequentia Legenda :

"The comparison with the illustrious Klaus Schulze always touches me, it is a great honour. As for the track "Valentin's Traum", it's a tribute to my son Valentin, a young autistic boy. I wanted a title in German, because the German audience gave me a big and warm support throughout my musical adventure.


It is an honour to be able to play in Germany, the birthplace of the musical movement "Berliner Schule", the homeland of Klaus Schulze and Edgar Froese.


I was also fortunate to be able to count on the collaboration of a German drummer of great class and great generosity, who followed Klaus on his tours in the 80's. This is Tommy Betzler, whom I thank from the bottom of my heart.


Some people dreamt about Jean-Michel Jarre's "Oxygène" or "Equinoxe", but I was rocked by Klaus Schulze's "Timewind","Mirage" or other "Moondawn".


I believe in Berlin School, Valentin loves music and I love my son, so it is for him that the third title of "RENAISSANCE" will be composed. One of my priorities is to offer her a part of dreams, tranquillity and hope."

May 2018 : RENAISSANCE by Sequentia Legenda
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