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Klaus Schulze the Great Departure

Klaus Schulze - Berlin School

🙏 My Dear Klaus: THANK YOU 🙏

The words available from down here are lacking to express this feeling that took place in me at the announcement of your Great Departure. And yet, I had been preparing for it, for a long time. Finally, when the moment arrived, the sadness manifested itself in spite of everything, pervasive and true. I'm listening to “Blanche” as I write these first lines, it's in my opinion one of the most nostalgic songs you've composed during your beautiful career. Yes, words fail me to express this absence that is now invading me. The word THANK YOU is without a doubt the most appropriate one. I thank you, Klaus, for having made me discover a wonderful world, a beautiful world, beautiful as a dream. I fell madly in love with your musical expression, from another time, another planet. You offered me hours of travel, of freedom.

I will never forget the first seconds, when the sapphire came to rest on the grooves of the vinyl of your fantastic album “Mirage”. It was a musical revolution for me, a revolution of life, a creative revolution. It was also my real musical trigger. Once again, THANK YOU.

I had seen you during your passages in my region, sometimes I was only a few meters away, however my extreme respect, my great shyness, did not allow me to speak to you. I also wrote to you. The years have passed and I regret a little that I was not able to speak to you. That is how it is. I still have the two or three hyper-realistic dreams where we were together, where I could hear the sound of your voice, where I could communicate with you in German. That's something.

And what about now? Well, I promise you that I will do my best to keep this beautiful musical movement that is the Berlin School alive, this Berliner Schule that you and Edgar have built with passion, freedom and creativity. This is finally my way of paying tribute to you.

I have a deep and sincere thought for your family, for Elfi, for your children, Maximilian with whom I had the great pleasure of dialoguing. I am thinking of Harald who was able to put some of your compositions in rhythm. My thoughts also go to Kevin Schrieve with whom I had the opportunity to exchange. I think of my friend Tommy Betzler and his wife Anke who accompanied you on tour and with whom I had the pleasure to collaborate and share our common passion for the Berlin School. I also think of Bertrand Loreau who had the privilege to meet you. My thoughts are with all those who vibrated for your timeless musicality and who are saddened by your Great Departure.

My Dear Klaus: THANK YOU. I wish you to rest in Peace, to be able to continue to make the Celestial vibrate with your dream sequences, I am sure that up there, the music will accompany you.

I miss you already.

Long live music, long live hope, long live love.

With Respect and Gratitude,

Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

Nominated for the Schallwelle Awards

entia Legenda nominated for the Schallwelle Awards

Dear listeners,

It is a great pleasure and honour for me to be nominated for the Schallwelle Awards.

This result is also yours. I would like to thank once again all those who believed in my musical vision and who showed me their support.


Warmest regards🎹🙏🎹

Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

LUMINOSA VERITAS [Xmas 2021 Version]

LUMINOSA VERITAS Sequentia Legenda

Dear listeners,

I am happy to offer you "LUMINOSA VERITAS" for Christmas.

It is my support dedicated to the beings of light, to the workers of light, my way of working for the Light.

Music helps me to recharge my batteries, to refocus, to communicate, to share the power of sound and frequencies with kindness. This is one of my missions: to offer a musical vision of Hope, of Love, a language that comes from the Heart, a universe of Escape, of Freedom. This title is an invitation, an immersion, an introspection, an awakened look beyond the horizon. A return to the sources, a vibratory energy for those who wish to resonate with the Luminous Truth.

I would like to highlight the use of the 432 Hz frequency which is a connection with the heart energy, more in tune with our soul. This is a first for me, I hope this experience will bring you serenity.

Warmest regards🎹🙏🎹

Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

Sequentia Legenda's next opus for 2021 : CELESTIAL

CELESTIAL by Sequentia Legenda

Dear listeners,

I am very pleased to announce that the work on my next opus "CELESTIAL" is progressing in a positive way, both musically and in terms of layout, giving me pleasure and satisfaction. The result corresponds to the idea that had germinated a few months earlier in my mind, it is the reflection of what I wish to communicate emotionally and artistically.
A new experience, a new sharing, that I will have the pleasure of presenting and bringing to light on September 21, 2021, the date of the album's release.

Korg PS-3300

"CELESTIAL" is a symbiosis of different mythical instruments, all of them coming from the analogue era, such as the EMS Synthi AKS, the Moog modular, the ARP Odyssey, to name but a few. It's true that at the moment I use almost only virtual instruments, but these are carefully selected to match the analogue sound grain so typical of the mid-70s. I would also like to add that it is the turn of the fabulous Korg PS 3300 modular to join the set of analogue synthesizers. This is a first. This modular offers a wide sound palette and a great harmonic density: a "big" sound. I had a lot of fun working with this remarkable and truly unique instrument. I would like to add that when I was between 18 and 20 years old, I bought the Korg PS 3200 the "little brother" of the PS 3300 modular. I would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you again to my father who helped me financially. I can invite you to discover a little more about the history of the encounter between the PS 3200 and myself by reading the blog article.

Symphonic Dawn of the Stars Sequentia Legenda

The progress of the second track, "Symphonic Dawn of the Stars," is also well underway and almost finished. The atmosphere is in the continuity of the first track. With a length of 21:27, this composition takes off with several sequential lines, multiplying, subtly changing and supported by the broad string ensemble chords of the PS-3300. The Solina then discreetly mingles with the aerial sweep, sublimating the phrasing of the legato notes with their soft starry tones.


I am happy to have been able to add to the middle of this composition a sequence that is new in its technical development. This sequence comes from the AKS, delivering a stereophonic back-and-forth, finalizing the first half of this sonorous and cadenced effluvium, offering a gentle transition to the more spiritual part of this track. I'd like to say, what an exceptional sound machine the AKS is, with extreme sensitivity and richness! The second part of "Symphonic Dawn of the Stars" is a glissando of choirs and strings, from which loops of crystalline notes emerge like thousands of twirling fireflies.


In the last two minutes, there is a little wink to my oldest son Dylan. I won't tell you any more, so you'll be surprised.

Three Astral Arches by Sequentia Legenda

The first track "Three Astral Arches" is almost finished.
It is a richly pigmented sound painting with a spiritual and mystical framework and atmosphere, created with the instrumental palette of analogue synths.

With a duration of 23:23, the three parts "Yasna", "Feldi" and "Jerrish" follow one another, each delivering their own atmospheres to dress this sound painting with a mystical patina and reinforcing the resonance of the harmonic tones.

The introduction is rather confusing - I'll leave you with the surprise - it is built with effects from the AKS and ARP Odyssey mainly. The chords of the string instruments and the choirs unfold, gradually giving way to the different sequences that make up the rhythmic framework. The cymbals then reinforce the tempo. The velvety string ensembles of the famous Solina emerge in the distance to distil melodic lines here and there supported by subtle reverberation. The climax is reached with the addition of further drum elements to make way for the ethereal and spiritual finale consisting of choirs, effects, and a lulling of various crystalline sequences.

I will keep you regularly informed about the evolution of CELESTIAL and thank you for your attention.

🎹🙏🎹 Musical Greetings,

Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

Sequentia Legenda is working on its next album "CELESTIAL"

CELESTIAL in Progress

Dear listeners,

I am pleased to announce that my new album "CELESTIAL" is in progress. A new musical adventure is beginning, with its challenges, surprises and trials.

At the moment, I'm finishing the first track "Three Astral Arches".

It's a marriage between analog and mythical instruments: the AKS, the Moog Modular, the ARP Odyssey among others. And for the first time, the fabulous Korg PS 3300 joins in. The rich instrumental palette of all these emulations helped me to colour the original atmosphere of this first sound painting. The introduction is rather surprising with sound effects from the AKS and ARP Odyssey. The three parts "Yasna", "Feldi" and "Jerrish" follow each other, each one delivering its own melodic tones that form the atmosphere of this mystical soundscape.

The album is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2021.

Musical Greetings from France

🎹🙏🎹 Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

Schallwelle 2020

Sequentia Legenda Schallwelle Awards 2020

Dear listeners,

Here is the news about me from the Schallwelle Awards:
a 9th place in the category "Best Artist".

I'm happy and above all: I want to thank everyone who supported me and believed in my musical vision. This success is also yours.

Musical Greetings from France

🎹🙏🎹 Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

Sequentia Legenda Six years of Berlin School music

Dear listeners,

Six Years of Sharing Music – A retrospective video of my vision of the Berlin School.

My 8 physical albums are for the occasion presented with the association of Corina Chirila's pictorial works. I am delighted to have been able to share during these first years my sound universes, to offer a part of dream and escape. Long live music, long live the Berlin School.

Musical Greetings from France

🎹🙏🎹 Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

News of Sequentia Legenda's Berlin School music