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I'm starting work on my next album, BEYOND THE STARS

ℹ️ This is beyond the beyond... Information about my upcoming album "BEYOND THE STARS" !

It's beyond the beyond, if I may say so... I've been involved musically and in my private life in things that are emotionally strong and that have gone a bit beyond me! Like many of you, life doesn't spare us. But thanks to the music that gives me some hope and allows me to continue my artistic adventure. Usually I announce the release date of my next album, this time I'm being careful. I would like this opus "BEYOND THE STARS" to be available on September 21, 2020. This will be a good opportunity for me to share with you again all my love and passion for the Berlin School. Nevertheless, I remain cautious and hope not to disappoint you. I am convinced that quality must be the most important thing. At the moment, and for the past few weeks already, the first track "EXPERIMENTAL" is in its launch phase and I know that Tommy Betzler will have a special place in this composition.

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