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BEYOND THE STARS [Released on 21 September 2020]


The album is now in production for CD pressing and for printing the Digipack and the 8-page Poster. It is always a special moment to leave your "musical baby" in the hands of the production technicians.

Musical greetings,
Schieber Laurent (Sequentia Legenda)

Music remains a vector of hope!

🎨🎹 Music remains a vector of hope!

Painting sound and cosmic landscapes conducive to dreams remains one of my priorities despite my sadness that I find hard to contain in the face of this very complicated global health situation.

We artists are sensitive to our environment and our emotions are often reflected in our works.

My way of moving forward in this event remains essentially the sharing of my emotional language, of my passion.

Music remains a vector of hope!

Take care of yourself and those around you, long live music, long live love,
Schieber Laurent (Sequentia Legenda)

BEYOND THE STARS (Work in progress)

🎥 The first title "EXPERIMENTAL" (Work in progress)

 💫 BEYOND THE STARS : the progress of the first title "EXPERIMENTAL"

For me, experimentation is a long-term work, a path of perseverance and hope leading to elevation, to fulfillment. With EXPERIMENTAL, the first track of my next album BEYOND THE STARS, it is precisely a work of research and experimentation. Minutity, patience and rigour. It's an exciting and potentially time-consuming process, but it's the price to pay for a result that lives up to my expectations. I am demanding with myself, I want to offer the best for my listeners and thus continue to honour the Berlin School to the best of my ability.

At the moment, 🥁 German drummer Tommy Betzler is also working on this collaborative composition which will last 29:46.

A collaboration of Sequentia Legenda & Hélène Vogelsinger

A Meeting for a Celestial Music


CIRCUMNAVIGATION: The union of two artists passionate about electronic music, two sound sculptors, who have in common the love of sequences.
CIRCUMNAVIGATION: An artistic symbiosis, a cosmic journey, sound loops that deconstruct and rebuild themselves ad infinitum.

I'm starting work on my next album, BEYOND THE STARS

This is beyond the beyond...
Information about my upcoming album "BEYOND THE STARS" !

It's beyond the beyond, if I may say so... I've been involved musically and in my private life in things that are emotionally strong and that have gone a bit beyond me! Like many of you, life doesn't spare us. But thanks to the music that gives me some hope and allows me to continue my artistic adventure. Usually I announce the release date of my next album, this time I'm being careful. I would like this opus "BEYOND THE STARS" to be available on September 21, 2020. This will be a good opportunity for me to share with you again all my love and passion for the Berlin School. Nevertheless, I remain cautious and hope not to disappoint you. I am convinced that quality must be the most important thing. At the moment, and for the past few weeks already, the first track "EXPERIMENTAL" is in its launch phase and I know that Tommy Betzler will have a special place in this composition.

News of Sequentia Legenda's Berlin School music



Here is a study version, a collector's version, a sign of Hope and Love in this period of confinement. This track will be the basis for a collaborative title with Hélène Vogelsinger.

This composition is a current representation of my vision of the Berlin School, my language, my sensitivity. For me, music, even more so in these difficult times, gives me freedom and joy. And it is precisely this feeling of fullness that I wish to offer my listeners.

Long live music, which for me is a vector of Hope and Love!.

Musical greetings,
Schieber Laurent (Sequentia Legenda)

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