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The Schallwelle Awards
A big thanks for your participation !!
ETHEREAL Berlin School music by Sequentia Legenda
Dear listeners

A big thanks for your participation.
I thank all those who believed in my music, who participated and supported me.
It's important for me to know you're by my side.
I will keep you informed of the outcome of the votes.

Long live to Berlin School music.

Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)
RENAISSANCE by Sequentia Legenda
 Official Release 17 May 2018
RENAISSANCE by Sequentia Legenda
This album will be composed of three tracks:
Out of the Silence 21:53, Ici et Maintenant 25:38 and Valentin's Traum 17:23.
The sound atmosphere of "RENAISSANCE" is tinged with mystery, nostalgia and hope. The sequencers deliver loops in constant progression, accompanying the strings pads and choirs. The texture and sonorities of the instruments are close to the analog years of the Berlin School of electronic music.

This new album is a continuation of my musical vision:

an extension of the Berlin School movement

Fifteen Questions Interview with Laurent Schieber / Sequentia Legenda 
The Daydream Sequence
Sequentia Legenda Berliner Schule music
Part 1

Name: Laurent Schieber
Nationality: French
Occupation: Composer, Producer
Current Release: Ethereal
Recommendations: In terms of musical art, without any hesitation, I would recommend the Mirage album by Klaus Schulze which was, for me, literally my musical trigger. It’s a work that deserves to be listened to several times in order to discover all its riches. Tons of credit to Klaus Schulze for this album, as well as for his entire career. In terms of literary art, I can suggest the French-speaking Jules Verne's "From the Earth to the Moon". It is a visionary narrative, a work that I particularly appreciate. During my childhood, I read many of his books and escaped far into my imagination.
Next album: ETHEREAL, official release July 21, 2017
Available now here

I have the great pleasure to announce you  the imminent release of my fourth album ETHEREAL, which will be officially available to the public on July 21 in dematerialized and physical version.
ETHEREAL is an album full of emotions, an extended vision of Berlin School music,
which are present through the sequences and the sonic texture. The Moog Modular brings a particular color to the sound palette of this new opus. I wanted to achieve a result in harmony with my vision of the Berlin school: an extension of this musical movement.

Thank you for your attention, Sequentia Legenda

An immersive and emotional experience - A tribute to the Moog Modular
Sequentia Legenda Live !

Winnies Schwingungenparty 2017 - Das EM Kultevent ist zurück!!

Sequentia Legenda Planetarium Bochum Schallwelle Awards 2016

Winnies Schwingungenparty 2017 in Hamm (Germany)


July 1, 2017 : Tommy Betzler and Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

presented two tracks from the double album EXTENDED.

I had a great time in Hamm during the last festival. In spite of the gloomy weather, almost all registered people took part in this event and the atmosphere was very warm. Tommy and I enjoyed the welcome and the fervor that was reserved for us during our stage performance.

All the messages of support that have come down to us touch us very much. It was a great pleasure to see Anton Uraletz, come specially from Russia, i not forget to mention Dirk Jankowski, Hans-Hermann Hess, Torsten Abel, Stefan Schulz, Remy Stroomer, Zoran Velinov, Frank Gerber, Stefan Erbe, Ron Boots and many others. I enjoyed the exchange with the talented Jona Fryderyk.

I want to thank all the people who have done a superb job to make this festival happen in good conditions and BIG thank you especially to the kind organizer Winnie !

Sequentia Legenda July 02, 2017


Great news from The Schallwelle Awards !
Sequentia Legenda Planetarium Bochum Schallwelle Awards 2016

EXTENDED in the category International Albums arrived in the 9th place!
It's just great :) Jean-Michel Jarre is in 1st place.

Winners Albums International Schallwelle 2016


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