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Five Minutes Around the Second Moon

Five Minutes Around the Second Moon

Dear listeners,

Five Minutes Around the Second Moon

This sound universe is a compendium of Berlin School, an immersive and emotional experience. It is a tribute to the Modular Moog. The title in its long version appears on my album ETHEREAL.

Long live Music, Long live the Berlin School!
Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

Deep Sequences [Grenzwellen Version]

Deep Sequences Grenzwellen Version

Dear listeners,

It was a pleasure to take part in the Grenzwellen 8 compilation. I can invite you to go to the page: to see all the musicians who took part in this beautiful project of Ecki Stieg.

The composition was reworked with a slightly longer duration than the original. Note the integration of an additional sequence and also effects of the mythical EMS Synthi A. The intro and finale have been reworked. The mix has also been reworked by adding some reverb and delay and adjusting the spatiality. The mastering is slightly different from the original version.

Long live Music, Long live the Berlin School!
Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)


VOICES 55 Sequentia Legenda

Dear listeners,

I am delighted to be able to share this moment of sharing with you on the occasion of my birthday. With, it is extracted: VOICES 55, I am happy to present you my musical perspective for 2021. I have never been so close to what I could have imagined one day being able to achieve, I am proud and happy.

My dream has been gradually coming true since the beginning of my musical adventure.

In these complicated times, we all need freedom and music. My music is the language of my heart, of my soul. For me, music will always remain a vector of Hope and Love.
I thank God for granting me the gift of being an Artist.
I am delighted to be able to offer you a part of a dream, an introspection.

Long live Music, Long live the Berlin School!
Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)



Here is a study version, a collector's version, a sign of Hope and Love in this period of confinement. This track will be the basis for a collaborative title with Hélène Vogelsinger.

This composition is a current representation of my vision of the Berlin School, my language, my sensitivity. For me, music, even more so in these difficult times, gives me freedom and joy. And it is precisely this feeling of fullness that I wish to offer my listeners.

Long live music, which for me is a vector of Hope and Love!.

Musical greetings,
Schieber Laurent (Sequentia Legenda)

My last title: Circular Sequences [FIVE album]



Circular Sequences is the opening track of my FIVE album. This composition symbolizes the navigation of notes around a central point, around oneself, around the spirit. It is the round of notes for an aerial journey, a musical circumnavigation.

The Trailer of my FIVE album.
Five years of presence on the Berlin School stage.
Exclusive edition for the fifth anniversary of Sequentia Legenda

My last title: Solitudes Lunaires [Apollo 2019 version]



The basic version from the double album "EXTENDED" has been reworked with an orchestral restructuring, an amplified spatialization and an additional rhythm section.

The subtle insertion of Niel Amrstrong's voice at the beginning and end adds a touch of authenticity and nostalgia.

My last title: Floating Time (work in progress)


Floating Time Berlin School

The 2nd track "Floating Time" of my next album "OVER THERE" is on a good way.

Now Tommy Betzler will get involved by bringing all his knowledge of rhythm to the work.

🥁 The German drummer who played with the illustrious Klaus Schulze once again gives me the pleasure of this collaboration.


Personally, I really like this track. I have taken great care with the sound grain, the stereophonic space, the perceptible use of the different reverbs. The elements of nature bring an even more mystical touch to the atmosphere. It was with Korg's MS 20 and its ring Modulator and pink noise that I managed to reproduce the sea, the swell, the underwater rumble and the thunder. The bell rings are also from the MS 20.