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Inspirations of Sequentia Legenda

Sequentia Legenda and ARP Odyssey for Berlin School music
The source of my musical inspiration can come from an image, a sound, an atmosphere. I also like to draw inspiration from novels, legends, illustrations. I like the mystical, mysterious, nostalgic and imaginary sides.
The experience is of course a factor which is going to interact with the creative sphere. When the guideline is finished, I begin by looking for sound base which fits to my idea. Effects, pads, a sequence. The piece is going to change itself, build itself, progress slowly to finally make room to feelings I want to share musically.

Sometimes during the progress of a composition, I imagine pictures, a given time, words, or a title. I like to proceed musically and let myself move towards improvisations. Afterwards, I sort it all out and then I put it together. The music is going to live to become a permanent accomplishment. I use a sound filter to make connections between the sounds in order to obtain a complete musical picture.

The inspiration is a light for you to see, at the right time, an influence. It may be fleeting, sharp and unpredictable. You need to seize the light without trying to imprison it. Fly with it. Let yourself go with a total inspiration. Then finally let it go in order to let it come back later in a different way another day.

Klaus Schulze is to my eyes THE reference and is an integral part of my inspirations. I also listen to other types of music from classical to techno. It is always interesting to see what others do.

Inspirations & Creativity


Jules Vernes, Klaus Schulze
In terms of musical art, without any hesitation, I would recommend the Mirage album by Klaus Schulze which was, for me, literally my musical trigger.
It’s a work that deserves to be listened to several times in order to discover all its riches.
Tons of credit to Klaus Schulze for this album, as well as for his entire career.

In terms of literary art, I can suggest the French writer Jules Verne's "From the Earth to the Moon". It is a visionary narrative, a work that I particularly appreciate.
During my childhood, I read many of his books and escaped far into my imagination.

🎼 The sequencer my favorite tool 📶

Sequencer an Berlin School
As far as the creation itself is concerned, it can do this by working on the parameters and potentiometers of a sequencer, or after having plated some pads chords that evoke my creativity and thus favour the realization of a loop, the reverse is also possible. I have also created note by note a sequence.
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