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Sequentia Legenda's album "RENAISSANCE"

under the magnifying glass of El Jice


RENAISSANCE by Sequentia Legenda Reviews
If there is one artist who perpetuates the style with panache, it is Laurent Schieber.
A big fan of Klaus Schulze since his teenage years, he has constantly re-explored the master's sounds and of course dyed them with his own sensitivity. A sensitivity that is fully reflected in this new album, the fifth to date. Renaissance, for the rebirth of the harmony of its own sphere and the rebirth of the Berlin School! In this album, he creates a melodic crescendo bewitching over the three tracks of more than 20 minutes, the ideal duration Laurent says to allow the music lover to completely interfere in his universe made of glitter and magic where the doors of a parallel universe open up.

His career, from an already superb first album called Blue Dream (2014), has been refined over the years and has reached a maturity where the emotions deeply felt through their melodic translation are fully shared.  Laurent plays with words, images and sounds. He is a complete artist. He himself composes the artwork for his albums, a graphic work that reflects the atmosphere of his melodic journeys. Like Schulze in the anthological series La Vie Electronique, he also plays with words and offers us three titles in three different languages.
But don't think of it as a nod to the German master. These are the pillars of a re-harmonization and a resolutely positive response to the challenges he has had to overcome in his daily life.
He dedicates the magnificent piece Valentin's Traum to his youngest son, a heavenly beach made of dreams, love and hope.
Let yourself be carried away by these divine notes, to the rhythm of the very gentle
sequencers supported by synthetic flights from which the spray of stellar seas gushes out,
on which you sail towards infinity. At the end of the trip, you will dive into the adamantine
lights of the Sequentia Legenda universe.

E-cote: 5/5 absolutely!
El Jice November 17, 2018
El Jice
El Jice is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist and music reviewer for the fanzine PROG-RESISTE ( There are reviews of many musicians, from Klaus Schulze to Andy Pickford. He is also the author of a novel, LE TOMBEAU DES ETOILES, which will be reprinted in its entirety by Rivière Blanche in early 2019. He reinvents his universe in his illustrations and music (Chrysaldor the Legend, an electronic concept that he is currently reworking).
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