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Concerts by Sequentia Legenda

Sequentia Legenda in concert in the Netherlands

Sequentia Legenda in concert in the Netherlands

I'm delighted to announce that I'll soon be performing in the Netherlands with Tommy Betzler. Meeting an audience is always a special and unique moment. Tommy and I are very much looking forward to having you by our side soon and to sharing our passion for the Berlin School with all of you 🙏🎹🙏.

Tickets here


Sequentia Legenda Live in E-Day 2020 (The Netherlands)

Sequentia Legenda 2020 TOUR

E-DAY 2020 Oirschot, The Enck : will be rescheduled !

😢We regret to inform you that we will not be performing in the Netherlands.
The Dutch government has decided to cancel ALL events with 100+ visitors.

ℹ️ More information here:

The situation is complicated, for everyone.
I hope this situation will soon be under control, be careful and for my part I wish you all good health.

 Sequentia Legenda five performances in 2019

Sequentia Legenda Concert 2019


The year 2019 was for me dense and rich with five stage performances. It was in Switzerland in Founex that the first concert took place, then in France in Nantes, in Germany twice in Tübingen and Solingen, to finish again in Switzerland, more precisely at the Caveau du Cœur d'Or in Chexbres.

Caveau du Cœur d'Or Chexbres


The warm welcome and the flawless Swiss organization made us feel comfortable and confident. All the members of the Caveau du Cœur d'Or, Swiss Vintage and Musik Asylum team contributed to an exemplary setting in a friendly and original setting. The sound system in the vault was handled in an exemplary manner by Nicolas Picciotto. After the soundcheck, the adjustments of the lighting control room, the decoration and installation of the room, the doors of the vault were opened shortly before 7pm. After the presentation by the kind Selim Keddar, Tommy and I were able to sit behind our instruments. I took the floor to thank all the organizers, to greet the audience and to present my musical vision and the progress of the concert. This one started at 9:10 pm.

It was in a friendly atmosphere that we were able to perform. We were very pleased with the support provided by the auditors. The first two tracks "THE APPROACH" and "THE RETURN" gave way to a short break. The third track "AU REVOIR" closed this beautiful cosmic evening.

Berlin School Testimonials
Sandrine Crot

Sandrine Crot

from Savigny (Switzerland)


How did you hear about the concert?
Sandrine Crot: "I am a member of the committee of the Association L'Accroch'Coeur which manages the vault of the Coeur d'Or de Chexbres, so this concert was immediately included in my agenda, because as soon as I heard about it, I went to listen to some songs on the internet, my senses were touched and I had to be there to listen to you live!"

What motivated you to come?
Sandrine Crot: "I am very new to electronic music and I am getting to know these different sounds that capture me very easily, I am more and more open and curious to this type of music. Your performance was my first live concert of electronic music, what could be more wonderful than to experience this with you."

How did you feel during this performance?
Sandrine Crot: "I immediately entered your musical universe and you both carried me away, on the one hand by the energy you share with great generosity and on the other hand, by the finesse of the sounds you produce. The concert was of a high quality, both human and musical, you both have something contemplative and very aesthetic. In short, when the concert is over, we only want one thing: to keep it going for many hours. THANK YOU!"

Sandrine Crot kindly asked Sequentia Legenda four questions 🎤

Sandrine Crot: "What does Sequentia Legenda mean to you?"
Sequentia Legenda: "Five years ago, when I decided to put my music in daylight, I was looking for a stage name. I had two long lists of names. And finally, it was an assemblage of two names, figuring on each of them, that would give my artist name. It's Latin. Sequentia related to the sequence, suite, succession and Legenda for legend and which can be defined as an imaginary narrative. So it is finally a marriage between note sequences and the imaginary ;-) They are also my initials."

Sandrine Crot: "How do you feel during your musical performances?"
Sequentia Legenda: "I feel a mixture of nervousness and excitement, I guess that's normal. Going on stage is always a new experience and will remain unique in itself. The technical aspect is always a new challenge, with this unpredictability that will give a specific cachet to the concert. I appreciate this meeting with the listeners, this moment of communion."

Sandrine Crot: "What are your sources of inspiration?"
Sequentia Legenda: "Mysticism, science or spirituality are for me sources of inspiration. An image, a story, a sound. I like to imagine notes, sequences, an atmosphere - a musical colour. Walking in the forest with my children, for example, will stimulate my creative sphere. Inspiration is a state of mind. I don't calculate, I let it come, I let myself go to live my creativity to the full."

Sandrine Crot: "What are your most important influences and electro references?"
Sequentia Legenda: "I wouldn't beat around the bush for long: my reference will always remain Klaus Schulze and more precisely his extraordinary album Mirage. This album alone was my real musical trigger!
Second, the mythical group Tangerine Dream is also one of my references, ahead of Vangelis, Kraftwerk or Jean-Michel Jarre."


Berlin School Testimonials
Bruno Weihs

Bruno Weihs

from Leysin (Switzerland)


How did you hear about the concert?
Bruno Weihs: "Through an newsletter announcement from Sequentia Legenda."

What motivated you to come?
Bruno Weihs: "To experience a live electronic music concert (a first for me) and possibly also get to know the artist I have been for a long time."

How did you feel during this performance?
Bruno Weihs: "I was immediately captivated, and also charmed by the contribution of the drummer on stage too. Time has passed so quickly! A beautiful show."

Bruno Weihs kindly asked Sequentia Legenda four questions 🎤


Bruno Weihs: "In the concert you gave with Tommy, I was surprised by the intensity of the energy I felt, much more than what I experienced in front of my speakers or with headphones. Do you think that the concert is the best way to share this musical game of voices and effects that you have composed?"
Sequentia Legenda: "Glad to know that you felt the energy of the concert.
Working in a Home studio and Live are two very different things. When I compose at home, I'm in my bubble if I can say so. When I perform on stage, I am in contact with the audience. The sharing of emotions is then done in a direct way and the reciprocity between the artist and the listener is palpable. It's a unique moment. What is important for me is to share my sensitivity with the audience present. Finally, it is our evening together, our communion around a common theme."

Bruno Weihs: "I find that the name given to your genre of music, namely the "ambient" style, masks a little the more universal resonance that your music has with life, and more broadly with the spontaneity of creation that characterizes the world around us. What do you feel when you make a composition, where it comes from and what kind of experience it will convey when it vibrates when it comes out of your machine instrument or when reproducing a recording?"
Sequentia Legenda: "During the creation phase, I feel excitement, passion and I don't see time passing. The result of this phase of composition is a part of me that I deliver to the public. It is my emotions and sensitivity that I transmit through my sound worlds. My musical vision is against the current trend and I am proud of it. I do not subscribe to this mass diffusion, to this "soup" of sound that we are given to hear on a large number of radio stations. The Berlin School is a niche and I want to give the best of myself to honour this beautiful musical movement. For me, it is important to share my own musical vision with passion and sincerity."

Berlin School Testimonials
Olivier Borgeaud

Olivier Borgeaud

from Le Mont-sur-Lausanne (Switzerland)


How did you hear about the concert?
Olivier Borgeaud: "I saw by chance the announcement of the concert on, the site of the Agenda Culturel Romand."

What motivated you to come?
Olivier Borgeaud: "I am passionate about the electronic scene that I have been following attentively for several years, and even if it is true that I am more oriented towards (much) more minimalist styles - that of the Berlin school - listening to an electro concert in a jazz vault seemed a little offbeat, but nevertheless interesting."

How did you feel during this performance?
Olivier Borgeaud: "Quickly out of my comfort zone, I was immersed in a style that was not highly energetic, wrapped me in a dreamlike cocoon of the most subtle, dispensing me from trying to escape. For me who am usually above 110 BPM, it was a hell of a ride! I was here and now, the past and the future had lost their importance, I enjoyed the present moment. I liked the purity of tone, but above all its complexity. In a concert, you are amazed, dizzy and transported. I can easily imagine that if you listen to these songs several times, the journey must be different each time as their music distils a vast expanse of unknown lands. I liked Tommy Betzler's rhythm; it seems essential to me, a little like the stones thrown into the forest to mark his trail. He plays the role of guide, so as not to lose his way and thus better mark the gap between the dream and reality. The last song played "AU REVOIR", touched me. The emotion was sincere, and an authentic Link was definitely woven with the audience. I liked the intimate atmosphere that reigned in the Caveau au Cœur d'Or, which I was also discovering for the first time; if you are looking for an authentic place where the Client and the Artist are at the heart of the staff's concerns, you have found it."

Olivier Borgeaud kindly asked Sequentia Legenda four questions 🎤


Olivier Borgeaud: "How does your become a musician in such a specialized field?"
Sequentia Legenda: "Music has always been a part of my life. When I was eight years old, my parents, who were looking for fun activities, enrolled me in accordion lessons. But I was reluctant to read music. It was Klaus Schulze's discovery of Mirage that was my real musical trigger. I was 16 years old, so it was a real revelation! I had only one idea left in my mind, to make music and not just any music: soaring music, cosmic music. It is in my parents' cellar that I installed my first home studio, which consists of an arsenal of analog synthesizers. When the MIDI standard came along, I traded my instruments for digital machines. More recently, I have used virtual synthesizers as work tools. And finally, five years ago, I put my work in the light of day with my first album BLUE DREAM. During these five years, I had the pleasure of being able to share my own vision of the Berlin School."

Olivier Borgeaud: "In which milieu/stage do you perform, and what is the audience's feedback on a style of music they don't really know? In the sense that during your last concert, it seems to me that most of the participants were more there as accustomed to the place than as electro enthusiasts?"
Sequentia Legenda: "It is true that I usually perform in places frequented by electronic music lovers. This was the case in Nantes during the Synthfest, which is the essential French event for synthesizer enthusiasts. I have also performed in front of a smaller circle of real connoisseurs at a private concert. In Chexbres, it was different and at the same time a new experience. While it is true that some people had come especially for our visit, the majority present knew little about this style of music and did not know it. Before the concert, I therefore took the time to go back to the origins of the Berlin School and briefly explain this musical style. At the end of the concert, I heard a few bits of discussion here and there: "It's a surprising and immersive music..." or "It sounds a little like Jean-Michel Jarre...". For me, it is interesting and instructive to present my musical vision to initiates as well as to a wider audience."

Photos credits: Sandrine Crot, Olivier Borgeaud

Trailer of Sequentia Legenda's 2019 stage performances
Video by Guillaume DIARD

​"Sharing - yes, for me it is sharing of emotions, that means for me that in Berlin School it's really my heart that speaks, my soul that speaks. What I really want to transmit to the audience is: emotion, sensitivity. It's the Berlin School as such: pads, choirs, sequences."
Sequenttia Legenda June 2019


Sequentia Legenda Live in Chexbres (Switzerland)

Live in Chexbres in Switzerland

06.12 // Live in Chexbres (Switzerland)

The warm welcome and the flawless Swiss organization made us feel comfortable and confident. All the members of the Caveau du Cœur d'Or, Swiss Vintage and Musik Asylum team contributed to an exemplary setting in a friendly and original setting.

Sequentia Legenda Live in Solingen (Germany)

Live in Gütterhallen in Solingen

23.11 // Live in Gütterhallen in Solingen (Germany)

It was a pleasure to share with Michael Brückner and Tommy Betzler our common passion with all those present in the mythical "Güterhallen" in Solingen. This special Berlin School evening was an opportunity to meet and exchange with real enthusiasts. It was an honour for me to have a talented and friendly musician as a pre-group: Michael Brückner. I remember the great friendliness and hospitality that was offered to us. Many thanks to Peter Amman, his loved ones and all those who manage PEST PROJEKT. Each of us has contributed in our own way to the smooth running of this cosmic night.

Private concert Happy Keys in Tübingen (Germany)

Happy Keys in Tübingen

31.08 // Happy Keys in Tübingen (Germany)

I like to remember this moment of exchange with the synthesizers and the Berlin school.

I had the pleasure of meeting some charming people. Tommy and I were able to perform on stage and the enthusiastic reviews were heartwarming.

BRAVO to Till Kooper for this great initiative.

Synthfest 2019 - Concert in Nantes

Sequentia Legenda Nantes 2019

07.06 // Synthfest in Nantes

I have a fond memory of this French festival edition. The entire Patch Work Music team contributed to the success of this 2019 edition of the Synthfest. The concert was also a great success.

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