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Sequentia Legenda in Switzerland

Sequentia Legenda LIVE in Switzerland (Chexbres)

Your reservation for the SEQUENTIA LEGENDA aka Laurent Schieber & Tommy Betzler concert - Friday, December 6, 2019 at 9pm.

20:00 Opening of doors
21:00 Start of the Sequentia Legenda concert

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Sequentia Legenda 2019 TOUR

After the concerts in Nantes and Tübingen, Sequentia Legenda will be on November 23rd in the mythical Güterhallen complex in Solingen for a cosmic and immersive stage performance where he will present his own vision of the Berliner Schule.

Laurent Schieber (aka Sequentia Legenda) will be accompanied by drummer Tommy Betzler who has touring experience since he accompanied the iconic Klaus Schulze on tours in the mid-1980s'.

Sequentia Legenda: "For me, it remains a sharing of emotions, that is to say that the Berlin School for me is really my heart that speaks, my soul that speaks. What I really want to convey to the audience is: emotion, sensitivity. It's from the Berlin School as such: tablecloths, choirs, sequences."

The composer has eight albums to his credit, the last one being "CODEX ON THE FLIGHT OF BIRDS", which is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. The French artist will be on December 6 in Chexbres, Switzerland to close his 2019 tour.

Trailer of Sequentia Legenda's 2019 stage performances
Video by Guillaume DIARD

​"Sharing - yes, for me it is sharing of emotions, that means for me that in Berlin School it's really my heart that speaks, my soul that speaks. What I really want to transmit to the audience is: emotion, sensitivity. It's the Berlin School as such: pads, choirs, sequences."
Sequenttia Legenda June 2019


Private concert in Germany

Happy Keys in Tübingen

31.08 // Happy Keys in Tübingen

I like to remember this moment of exchange with the synthesizers and the Berlin school.

I had the pleasure of meeting some charming people. Tommy and I were able to perform on stage and the enthusiastic reviews were heartwarming.

BRAVO to Till Kooper for this great initiative.

Concert in Nantes

Sequentia Legenda Nantes 2019

07.06 // Synthfest in Nantes

I have a fond memory of this French festival edition. The entire Patch Work Music team contributed to the success of this 2019 edition of the Synthfest. The concert was also a great success.

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