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Photos of Sequentia Legenda

Sequentia Legenda Chexbres 2019
Sequentia Legenda at the Caveau du Cœur d'Or in Chexbres Switzerland 2019

The warm welcome and the flawless Swiss organization made us feel comfortable and confident. All the members of the Caveau du Cœur d'Or, Swiss Vintage and Musik Asylum team contributed to an exemplary setting in a friendly and original setting.


Sequentia Legenda Solingen 2019
Sequentia Legenda in Solingen Germany 2019

Solingen 2019 - A beautiful evening of cosmic music, a friendly atmosphere 🎹❤️🎹


Sequentia Legenda Live in Happy Keys 2019
Sequentia Legenda in HAPPY KEYS Germany 2019

Tommy Betzler and I were able to perform on stage in front of an enthusiastic audience during this private concert. Our musical vision of the Berlin School was a success. 


Sequentia Legenda Live in Nantes 2019
Sequentia Legenda in Synthfest Nantes 2019

I had a wonderful time at the Synthfest. The welcome and support I received from the PWM team and the public delighted me. Many thanks also to Tommy Betzler for his wonderful support.


Sequentia Legenda in Switzerland
Sequentia Legenda in Switzerland

Our first contact with the Studio Swiss Vintage in Founex. We played live.


Sequentia Legenda's discography
Sequentia Legenda's discography

Discover some photos of Sequentia Legenda's discography

(Cds, Layout, artwork, covers, and much more...)


Synth Fest 2017
Winnies Schwingungenparty 2017 in Hamm (Germany)

July 1, 2017 : Tommy Betzler and Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

presented two tracks from the double album EXTENDED.


I had a great time in Hamm during the last festival. In spite of the gloomy weather, almost all registered people took part in this event and the atmosphere was very warm. Tommy and I enjoyed the welcome and the fervor that was reserved for us during our stage performance.

All the messages of support that have come down to us touch us very much. It was a great pleasure to see Anton Uraletz, come specially from Russia, i not forget to mention Dirk Jankowski, Hans-Hermann Hess, Torsten Abel, Stefan Schulz, Remy Stroomer, Zoran Velinov, Frank Gerber, Stefan Erbe, Ron Boots and many others. I enjoyed the exchange with the talented Jona Fryderyk.

I want to thank all the people who have done a superb job to make this festival happen in good conditions and BIG thank you especially to the kind organizer Winnie !

Sequentia Legenda July 02, 2017


Synth Fest 2017
Appart Concert à Mulhouse Juin 2017

Avec Tommy Betzler, nous avons travaillé sur notre représentation scénique.


Pour cela, un concert intimiste à eu lieu dans un appartement à Mulhouse. Famille, proches et amis ont été convié à partager 1h30 de musique dans un cadre inédit. „L’Appart-Concert“ fut un franc succès et nous avons pu tous ensemble échanger nos points de vues lors de la collation.


Voici quelques photos.

Sequentia Legenda June 17, 2017


Synth Fest 2017
SynthFest 2017

J'ai passé un agréable moment à Nantes lors du dernier Synthfest.
Ce fut un plaisir de retrouver mes amis musiciens tels que Jean-luc Briançon, Nani Sound, Olivier Briand, Christophe Duquesne, Bertrand Loreau, Jean-christophe Allier, Pierre Salkazanov pour ne citer qu'eux.
J'ai aussi eu le plaisir de rencontrer mes "fans" Pascal Redregoo et son fils Thomas, ainsi que Duncan Martin ;-)
Un autre Alsacien fut sur place Thomas Hoerter.
Les journées furent un peu longues pour mon jeune fils Valentin et je remercie ma femme
Amira pour m'avoir accompagné.

Belle ambiance et bonne organisation du team de Patch Work Music.

Mes yeux se tournent à présent vers Hamm en Allemagne pour le Festival "Winnies Schwingungenparty 01.07.2017", ou je vais monter en compagnie de Tommy Betzler sur scène.

Sequentia Legenda June 4, 2017


E-Live in the Enck in Oirschot Netherland October 29th 2016
E-Live in the Enck in Oirschot Netherland October 29th 2016

With my wife, we spent a nice weekend in The Netherlands. With a good organization and good vibes, E-Live Festival was a success. Kudos to the whole team : Ron Boots, Monique Boots-Wanten, Bert Strolenberg.


I was happy to meet many musician friends, such as Michael Brückner, Remy Stroomer, Stefan Erbe, Frank Gerber, Eric van der Heijden. I was glad to meet Anke Betzler and Tommy Betzler, and to exchange a few words with

Paul Rijkens and John Valk Waveman.


It was also a great surprise for me to meet Dominique Perrier (Space Art and keyboardist for Jean-Michel Jarre in his early career) !

Sequentia Legenda November 13, 2016


Sequentia Legenda yesterday to today
Sequentia Legenda yesterday to today

Here are some photos of Sequentia Legenda


The 2nd Schwingungen-Festival
The 2nd Schwingungen-Festival from 02. - 04. September 2016

Internationales Festival für Elektronische Music "Schwingungen" in Schladern/Windeck auf dem Gelände der "Kabelmetall". Zusammen mit außergewöhnlichen Künstlern unterschiedlicher Herkunft, hatte ich eine großartige Zeit, in der wir unsere gemeinsame Leidenschaft in entspannter Atmosphäre geteilt haben.

Besonders die Begegnungen mit den Musikern wie Thorsten Quaeschning von Tangerine Dream, Stefan Erbe, Frank Gerber, Eric van der Heijden und Rene Splinter haben dazu geführt, dass aus diesem lang erwartetem Moment, eine wahrlich kostbare und bereichernde Erfahrung wurde.

Die Stimmung, die Verständigung und die Lebensfreude haben meine Erwartung weitaus übertroffen, die sich auch in den Begegnungen mit Sylvia Sommerfeld, Rudolf Melchert, Klaus Müller, Thomas Voogd und Sandra Bloh, Joerg Strawe, Heike Kaktus und Monique Boots-Wanten widerspiegeln.

Sequentia Legenda September 6, 2016


Synth Fest 2016
Synth Fest 2016 from 25. - 27. March 2016

J'ai passé un agréable moment à Nantes. Le Synth Fest 2016 à été pour moi une belle expérience musicale et humaine. J'ai eu le grand plaisir de rencontrer des musiciens tels que Zanov, Jean-Luc Briançon, Bertrand Loreau, Olivier Briand, Wolf Lone , Christian Piednoir, Delphine Cerisier, Nani Sound, Stephane Helie.

Sequentia Legenda March 30, 2016


In this section discover the latest photos, for example:
Live at the CAVEAU DU CŒUR D'OR.


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