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Work in progress of Sequentia Legenda
Sequentia Legenda Berlin School Blog

BEYOND THE STARS (Work in progress)

🎥 The first title "EXPERIMENTAL" (Work in progress)

 💫 BEYOND THE STARS : the progress of the first title "EXPERIMENTAL"

For me, experimentation is a long-term work, a path of perseverance and hope leading to elevation, to fulfillment. With EXPERIMENTAL, the first track of my next album BEYOND THE STARS, it is precisely a work of research and experimentation. Minutity, patience and rigour. It's an exciting and potentially time-consuming process, but it's the price to pay for a result that lives up to my expectations. I am demanding with myself, I want to offer the best for my listeners and thus continue to honour the Berlin School to the best of my ability.

At the moment, 🥁 German drummer Tommy Betzler is also working on this collaborative composition which will last 29:46.

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