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This new album is a continuation

of my musical vision:

an extension of the Berlin School movement

The next opus will finally see the light of day in 2018, more precisely on May 17:

a small wink to my wife. I would like to thank my wife for all her attention, support and investment in this new project.


The title RENAISSANCE, the idea of the visual, is the fruit of our communication.

It is a new experience for our musical adventure that has just started.

The nuances of the sound palette give life to

this new musical landscape

The overall structure is supported by sequences, orchestral layers (choruses and strings). The rhythmic sections will punctually bring a rock side to the ensemble.
The atmosphere is floating, mystical with a hint of the ambient. The loops and pads are constantly evolving in this aural framework.


No major solo line has really been included, to allow the listener to fully enjoy all the subtleties throughout the sonic evolution. 

It remains important for me to leave the listener a place of choice for personal interpretation, for his own immersion. 


in the purest tradition of the analogue era

All the instruments used in this opus, though virtual, have been carefully selected to obtain a warm and ample grain in the purest tradition of the analogue era.


As for ETHEREAL, I wanted for RENAISSANCE a sound similar to what was done in the mid-1970s. Emulations of band echoes and spring reverberation are added to analog VSTs to obtain a rich harmonic combination.

This is how the Moog Modular, Minimoog, Jupiter8 with their characteristic timbres will give this analog grain all its beauty and richness.

Music composed, mixed, performed, mastered and produced by Sequentia Legenda (Laurent Schieber).
 Artwork by Sequentia Legenda.

Instruments used: Arturia Moog Modular, Arturia Minimoog, Arturia Jupiter8, ARP Odyssey by ElektroStudio, Steinberg Hypersonic, Magnus Choir, Gravity by Heavyocity

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Official release planned for 17 May 2018 in dematerialized
and physical version on my bandcamp page