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Schallwelle Awards 2022 in Bochum
Sequentia Legenda is twice in 6th place

Schallwelle2022 Sequentia Legenda

Dear listeners

It is my great pleasure to share with you this double and wonderful news from the votes for the Schallwelle Awards: 6th in the category "Best International Artist" and 6th in the category "Best International Album" with RESONANCES.

This success is also yours and it is with joy and sincerity that I thank you for your trust and support. All this confirms me in my musical vision and gives me even more energy to go forward.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce the upcoming release of my album ALCYONE, scheduled for May 7, 2023, of which here is a preview.

My heartfelt and musical greetings to you,
Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)


The 432 Hz Berlin School Box
the new opus available from 17 December 2022

The 432 Hz Berlin School Box by Sequentia Legenda

Dear listeners

It is a pleasure for me to be able to present you my new opus for this end of the year.

The 432 Hz Berlin School Box is a double album containing 5 tracks from my discography, revisited and tuned to 432 Hz. It was important for me to tune my compositions to this beautiful, warm and natural frequency, it is a 💖heart to 💖heart sharing with you. It is in the continuity of my musical vision, that of a deep and harmonious sharing.

I wish you a pleasant musical journey.

My warmest greetings from France to you all,
Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)


RESONANCES by Sequentia Legenda

RESONANCES by Sequentia Legenda

The production of RESONANCES went well with the printing of the Digipack and the CD pressing. My new album is available since May 2nd 2022.

I invite you to enter into resonance, to let go, to vibrate, to put yourself in tune, in phase, in harmony with your inner symphony, the time of a musical and introspective journey.

Warm and musical greetings
Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

CELESTIAL by Sequentia Legenda

CELESTIAL by Sequentia Legenda

CELESTIAL is available since September 2021. The album consists of three tracks: Three Astral Arches, Symphonic Dawn of the Stars and VOICES 55 (Revisited version).

I wish you a lot of enjoyment with CELESTIAL. May your entrance into this new sound horizon be a source of freedom. May your journey through the three musical atmospheres bring you dreams, softness and serenity.


My album is also available via the Patch Work Music website.


Sequentia Legenda

I invite you to discover my sound and cosmic worlds. For me, music remains a vector of Hope and Love. I am delighted to be able to share my own vision of the Berlin School with sensitivity and authenticity. I wish you a pleasant discovery and a beautiful musical immersion.



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