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Juli 2017


1.Stratums of Seraphic Voices 26:27

Stratums of Seraphic Voices

In this first title, the Moog Modular will generate a large sequence
bringing in its wake seraphic voices and ethereal choirs.

Through this musical poem, the listener will be invited
to live an immersive experience.


2.Around the Second Moon* 22:43

Stratums of Seraphic Voices

Second track, two Moog Modular synthesizers that complement each other
to create two floating sequences around the second moon.

Two musicians working together for the second time:
Sequentia Legenda and * Tommy Betzler.

A journey through time and space around the second moon.


3.elevation 20:34

Stratums of Seraphic Voices

The third track of this album begins with the slow progression
of a cosmic sound texture, allowing the sequential lines of both
Moog Modular synthesizers develop.

In this sound canvas in perpetual evolution, the pads and ethereal choirs,
backed by sonic percussions, invite the listener for an ascent to the stars.

a collaboration

The second track "Around the second Moon", which features drummer Tommy Betzler.
All Tommy's drum parts are placed within the ethereal and cosmic atmosphere of this track.

Music composed, mixed, performed, mastered and produced by Sequentia Legenda (Laurent Schieber).
 Artwork by Sequentia Legenda.

Laurent Schieber: Keyboards, Arturia V collection & more
Tommy Betzler: Roland Drums, Paiste Cymbals & Gongs

Stratums of Seraphic Voices

Official release planned for Friday 21 July 2017 in dematerialized
and physical version on my bandcamp page

A tribute to the Moog Modular

Instruments used: Arturia Moog Modular, Arturia Minimoog, Arturia Jupiter8, ARP Odyssey by ElektroStudio, Steinberg Hypersonic, Magnus Choir, Gravity by Heavyocity

Credits: Drum Recording by Sebastian Altzweig, Studio Lichtenberg, Germany

Thinkstock Images, Fonts "Ailerons" by Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira Junior -

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