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A collaboration of Sequentia Legenda & Hélène Vogelsinger

circumnavigation Sequentia Legenda

A Meeting for a Celestial Music

The union of two artists passionate about electronic music, two sound sculptors, who have in common the love of sequences.

An artistic symbiosis, a cosmic journey, sound loops that deconstruct and rebuild themselves ad infinitum.

Three questions about this project.


How did your encounter?
Hélène : "With Laurent, our paths crossed on social networks and more particularly on Facebook where I regularly post videos of my sessions on the module. Laurent generously shared one of them, and then contacted me for this collaboration which I immediately accepted. The magic of the internet :-)"

How do you see your future collaborator's music?

Hélène : "I immediately felt connected to Laurent's music. Infinite sequences that transform, aerial and cinematographic sounds. A sensitive and sensory journey. A music that can be felt."

How do you see your future collaborator's music?

Hélène : "I think that collaboration is something essential for a creator, something that modifies his creative process, and very often enriches it. The idea of superimposing, of intertwining two creative energies to create a third, is a bit like a small miracle in itself. The connection that exists between our two universes will be expressed through this collaboration, and I can't wait to discover it."

Hélène Vogelsinger
Laurent Schieber

Three questions about this project.


How did your encounter?
Laurent : "I discovered Hélène's music via Facebook and YouTube.It was a great discovery for me. I then got in touch with her. Hélène immediately accepted my proposal and I am delighted."

How do you see your future collaborator's music?

Laurent : "Hélène's compositions diffuse freshness, originality, and even a certain sensuality if I may say so. It's an invitation to let oneself be lulled by sequences in perpetual movement, and get drunk with seductive and immersive atmospheres. Hélène is a musician who sculpts the sound with a lot of aptness."

How do you see your future collaborator's music?

Laurent : "The spontaneous desire to share, to collaborate, the excitement of taking on a new challenge. It's a great opportunity to feed our common passions, to mix our sequences, to share our musical visions. I am convinced that this experience will be enriching for both of us and will allow listeners to discover a new sound landscape."


CIRCUMNAVIGATION (work in progress) Berlin School

Here is the basic version that will be used for the collaboration with Hélène Vogelsinger. I am delighted with this composition, without false modesty, because it represents all the Berlin School that I love, the one I share with passion and sensitivity. I am now curious and impatient to see how Hélène will integrate her talent into this collaborative title.

Music for me, even more so in these difficult times, gives me freedom and joy. And it is precisely this feeling of fullness that I wish to offer my listeners. Sometimes I find myself in the famous spiral of perfectionism which is very time-consuming and there for this track, I had as it happens sometimes to me also to have the baraka and everything went fast and with ease.

Long live music, which for me is a vector of Hope and Love!
Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)🎹🥰🎹

Loxie Berlin School


Anton Uraletz and Loxie Berlin School music fan

Tony (Anton Uraletz) and Loxie

Hello I'm Loxie!


Have you ever tried to circumnavigate?
Loxie: "I haven’t but my master Tony Uraletz has made a fair hundreds of thousand kms in the span of last 4 or 5 years… each time he takes a flight he feeds and imbues his inner self with the Berlin-school sequences – and you know, among so many talented artists paving their musical way with strict sequential patterns there is one very special – Sequentia Legenda from blessed land of France. The sky above the clouds is painted with myriads of shades of blue… and so are boundless soundscapes of Sequentia Legenda that make us fly in our reveries and soar over all the things ordinary and daily."

But hey, isn’t it the purpose of circumnavigation?

Loxie: "Indeed, it is. And Sequentia Legenda invites us to make this reverie-ride on the sequential airwaves, that carry us up and down on its rolling arpeggios – like on gentle and comfortable roller coaster… to move slowly to get high on these celestial harmonies – as high as possible and much, much higher afterwards. We’re promised to have two captains for this journey – Laurent and Hélène… Here, on s.c. «study version» captain Laurent offers us very cozy journey surrounded with everlasting 50 shades of azure."

Will Hélène shed other hypnotic colors and shades upon our circumnavigation? Will she take us even more higher?

Loxie: "Well, I’m Loxie and I have no idea about it. All I know we never fail in our mind-journeys with Sequentia Legenda, and I foresee one more pleasant journey around the world… whatever the world is. Open your self to these wonderful and fascinating stream of sequences and you won’t regret – let your dreams to bloom with all shades of blue with these sounds, and when you’re lost in reverie – that’s the way and there you go. This is where our (circum)navigation is over. Stay here and have peace. Peace of mind."


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